December 2016

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is a nutritious, delicious, and filling breakfast snack that offers a wide variety of preparations. From granola, to fruit, teas, and coffee, this versatile food offers plenty combinations to enjoy. If you’re in a rush during the morning hours have no fears, chia seed pudding can be prepared the day before work and last throughout the workweek; it’s a time saver, money saver, and a healthy breakfast that will provide you with energy for the day.


Becoming a Vegetarian/Vegan or Eating a more Plant-Based Diet: Whys and How’s

Now, more than ever before in our history will food consumption and lifestyle be a determining factor for the state of our future. From individual health issues to global, the dietary choices of people today will shape our environment, physiology, and psychology. From the state of our land and water to our genetic structure, all the way to how we view life, the choices we make with food shape the world around us. In order to save money in health cost and to help save the planet we each must eat a more plant-based diet. Take those steps and more with this life altering read.