About PAL Productions

Hello Reader,

Here at PAL Productions we know that each individual is capable of greatness.  More often than not it’s the subtle changes to our lives that create big results. Our goal is to help provide  you the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and practices to master it all. Which will transform your current life into a healthier and more efficient one; all while improving your sense, control, and understanding of yourself.  

We do this by providing free content that is user-friendly with a wide scope of application; thus making healthy lifestyle choices as easy and automatic as possible.  We seek to help each person achieve a balanced life in every aspect of their lifestyle.

Thank you for your time and Enjoy all the content that we have to offer!

A little about the founder of PAL Productions

photo by Sandra Whittington

“Only on an individual level can the main stream come to be, we The People have the true power, but if we want inclusive change we must begin the alignment process on the individual level.”

-P.A. Lucas

In his spare time P.A. Lucas enjoys spending time with his wife, their family and friends, and their cat Moselie (mows-lee, similar to Mowgli from the Jungle Book).  He likes to do it all. His hobbies include cooking, training, reading, playing sports, being outdoors hiking/backpacking/camping, writing, creating music, gardening, and simply being.  He’s an individual known to break out in tune and smile for no reason.  But most importantly he’s an individual with a true passion for service, for helping others realize their own greatness.

An artist at heart, P.A. Lucas teaches with expressive speech so each concept is stripped down to its core.  Through fundamental practices passed down through the ages and those influenced from modern day findings he hopes to facilitate and inspire individuals in their own journey towards their own Truth.  He created PAL Productions in order to help each person actualize the beauty and greatness that lies within them, and to share it with the world for the betterment of humanity. He’s currently working on establishing business to better this endeavor. If you feel like you can help reach out.

Namaste and Thank You for reading.