Dehydrated Fruit and Fruit Wraps (apples, banana chips, and more)


  • any available fruit (chopped, cored, and cut into bite size pieces) [bananas, apples, blue berries, etc.]
  • lemon juice (from bottle) [amount will depend on fruit to be used on fruit used, generally it’s 2 TB per apple, banana, etc.)
  • apple sauce [or any blended fruit combination] If you are using store-bought apple sauce you don’t need to add any lemon juice, but if you are making it from scratch keep the same proportions as mentioned earlier.

Note: The apple slicer/corer linked in the ingredients is great because it’s adjustable, cleans well, but be careful it is sharp so use the plastic guard it comes with to fully push apples through. I use all of the products linked, but this and this used daily in my household and the dehydrator multiple times a month. 


  • If using a dehydrator place all the fruit to be used equally spaced apart. Turn on the dehydrator onto its lowest setting  (135°F), however if you are preparing more than 1 row feel free to raise it to  (145°F). If you aren’t using a dehydrator, place the fruit to be used on a thinly wired oven rack to maintain proper air flow and cook at  135-145°F if able, if not, the lowest setting works best.
  • Cooking time depends on how much you are making, but it’s generally 8-12 hours for fruits. There’s no need to flip, just be sure to check on them once at 8-10 hours.

Note: Dehydrated fruits are great for breakfast and hiking/backpacking  snacks, along with being great and healthy alternatives to candy and store-bought items. Store in an air tight container and place in a dark place and these can last for months. But keep in mind the dehydrator can be used for all types of foods and snacks. 

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