Below you’ll find a plethora of delicious, vegetarian and vegan cuisine recipes. The technique used for these recipes is called off the cuff and serve as a basic, yet flavorful and efficient outline to build from.  In short, off the cuff cooking means you cook with what you have. Meaning it’s okay if you don’t have everything in the ingredient list; there will be tips on what to substitute along with any possible ingredient combinations to make new dishes from old ones. Cooking is one of the best life skills to know and practice. We benefit physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially when we cook more of our food from scratch. These recipes will serve as a foundational building block to expand the skills and repertoire for those new and experienced in cooking.

merge-testBREAKFAST: It’s possible to eat a nutritional, hearty yet light meal. Here you’ll find recipes that boost energy levels throughout the day. There are a variety of approaches to breakfast for each and every occasion. Start your day off right with a satisfying breakfast meal by checking out all there is to offer.

saladsSALADS: Salads are some of the most efficient meals to make, and they’re contents are some of the most nutritional foods you can eat. One amazing aspect to salads is the variety in which you can prepare them. Salads are great for hearty and filling lunches, great sides to go with a dinner, and even great foods to bring for parties.

bread-sides-snacksBREADS, SIDES, & SNACKS: Nothing beats having some home made bread, snacks, and other delicious homemade foods in the home. Your guide to the various methods of bread baking along with savory and delectable munchies for your every day snacking needs can be found here.

entreesENTREESHere you’ll find everything from soups to burgers all the way to pasta dishes, curries, and other flavors from around the world. Dive into the sea of opportunity for your stomachs by checking out these flavor-packed, nutritious meals.

dessertsDESSERT: Here you’ll find quick and easy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. What makes these even better is that they’re more nutritious than anything else you’ll buy in the store.

sauces-seasoningsSAUCES & SEASONINGS: You can enhance your cooking experience and everyday dishes with your own sauce and seasoning mixes for any occasion. Here you’ll begin to learn and bring out the best flavors each ingredient has to offer. And you’ll soon discover that a nutritious and healthy lifestyle can leave you feeling more than satisfied and full.

page_tips_and_tricksTIPS & TRICKSSaving money, time, and energy in the kitchen is easy to do when you come to understand and practice efficient living. Here you’ll find the tools, guides, and personal set ups that are used to make it happen. These aides will help you along your journey of life.