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Becoming a Vegetarian/Vegan or Eating a more Plant-Based Diet: Whys and How’s

Now, more than ever before in our history will food consumption and lifestyle be a determining factor for the state of our future. From individual health issues to global, the dietary choices of people today will shape our environment, physiology, and psychology. From the state of our land and water to our genetic structure, all the way to how we view life, the choices we make with food shape the world around us. In order to save money in health cost and to help save the planet we each must eat a more plant-based diet. Take those steps and more with this life altering read.

Sugar: The Path towards Early Death

Sugar plays a key role in our struggles to lose fat. Nowadays it’s in nearly every processed food and is crafted to be more addicting every day. Sugar responds almost identically as cocaine does in the human brain, so don’t lose track that these foods and cravings you feel for them are signs of sugar’s addictive structure. To better understand how large amounts of sugar become toxic read this insightful article now.

Food is Energy: How to Fuel Your Body Properly

What foods do you need to fuel your body correctly? Can you answer this question? If not find out more about food here. Food can be viewed as fuel for our body. However nowadays our society has lifted food onto an alter-like pedestal. Our gluttonous ways has lead us to believe many false ideologies from previous generations; those which whom were crafted strategically by corporations to sell their products. From there the disconnect we have our food began. From there even what we value as good quality has changed, and at an ever increasing rate the options for food have gone up but the quality has dropped drastically low. Regain your center and expand your knowledge on what our body takes to operate here.

Calorie Counting Myths: Not all Calories are Equal

We’ve all seen it, those diets based on calories or even calorie portioned bags. Although a lot of extra emphasises is put on calories, the most important aspect to eating comes from what we’re eating. Though caloric consumption plays it’s role in our body, we can only better see that picture when we look at how food, and what foods are broken down. The biggest take away is not all calories are equal, so find out what foods will optimize those health efforts here.